Annual Meeting / AGM 2017 at Palazzola

In the last issue of the Friends’ Newsletter we asked for feedback about the possibility of
holding our 2017 AGM at Palazzola, as part of a longer trip.

The response has been encouraging so far with 20-odd positive replies, and we are now
looking at dates. The Villa has rooms available from 1St – 8th October, and we have
therefore made a provisional booking – which is being held for us until 12th May only.
Some very interesting suggestions are being put forward for places to visit and a plan is
beginning to emerge for a really interesting stay at the Villa.

However we will need to fill all the places and would urge those of you who might be
interested to get in touch, please. A minimum of 10 more people is needed, but more could
be accommodated!

If you are interested please contact Jim Holroyd ( or 01274 568500